Monday, 30 September 2013

Utilizing Online Marketing Alongside Upcoming "WWE2K14"

By Rob Sutter

I am quite happy to see that "WWE2K14" has been hyped so much as of late because it seems like it could be one of the best wrestling titles of recent memory. When you think about the idea that this game is being published under 2K and not THQ like in previous years, there are certain expectations. Whether or not they will be met truly depends on how workers see them. That being said, I'd like to think that online marketing could bolster the game even further.

Even though the game is still being developed under Yukes, there seems to be a lot more attention given to what the fans have been craving. For example, I remember many gamers in the past demanding that the Ultimate Warrior become a character in these games. It's clear that this name is a legend in the business but the problem is that Warrior had, for so many years, bad blood with WWE in general. It almost seemed like a dream that was too far to attain.

Warrior has recently been announced for the game, albeit as a preorder bonus. Nonetheless, it goes to show just how much the wrestling crowd has remembered him and I'm sure most were intrigued by seeing Warrior, in this day and age, showing up in a trailer for the game. He spoke in that same fashion that made him such an enigma during the late 80's and even after. It goes without saying that those who put down the money are going to have much to look forward to.

Many ideas truly struck me as interesting but what managed to do so more than anything else was how they unveiled the Ultimate Warrior in a showing of online marketing. On Facebook, people who liked the WWE Games page saw that many images were posted, each one depicting a certain part of a wrestler. We were shown an Ultimate Warrior bicep as well as his hair but there was always that lingering doubt. It was able to keep the user base engaged and it's the kind of goal firms like fishbat strive towards.

I think that the work for marketing "WWE2K14" has been rather effective so far. It has started quite nicely here with the announcement that a fan favorite of yesteryear would be making his way onto the game, so I am sure that old school fans will find themselves clamoring to get a copy of it. Do I think that this game is going to be the best sold out of the rest in the franchise? I suppose that's up to the consumers who may go on to make the purchase.

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