Thursday, 6 February 2014

How Netflix Is Looked At By Long Island Marketing Companies

By Rob Sutter

The past year brought to light some of the most dominant brands and I do not think that there has been a single one more prominent than Netflix. The TV and movie-streaming service has more than come into its own in recent times and I do not think that anyone can argue against the general impact it has possessed, either. What are some of the reasons for this, though, for those who may not be in the know? There are a couple of aspects that I believe Long Island marketing companies will be able to pinpoint.

It's hard to believe that Netflix was on the verge of closing down but it goes to show just how much businesses can bounce back. According to an article on Mashable, Netflix was seemingly about to go down during 2011 but a number of smaller changes have been able to bring it up from the surface. After scrapping Qwikster, which proved to be a failure of an idea, the company went right back to streaming videos as well as mailing DVDs to homes. It goes to show that some concepts should remain unchanged.

With so many TV shows and movies to consider, I'm sure that Long Island marketing companies would focus more so on the creation of original content. It's not hard to see why, since firms such as fishbat can tell you about the shows that Netflix itself has been able to bring to the forefront. "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" is just a couple of shining examples, seeing as how they possess engaging stories and acting alike. I believe that many of the more recent Netflix customers applied for the service mainly to watch these shows which can't be seen anywhere else.

Netflix, in my opinion, seemed to give birth to a number of trends associated with watching television nowadays. "Binge-watching," in my opinion, is easily one of the greatest activities to get lost in, which is a feature that I am sure Long Island marketing companies can bring to the attention of those who are unfamiliar. Do you have a day or weekend to spare? If you do, chances are that you have the potential to marathon an entire season of a program, so do not be surprised if you become invested.

Netflix being named the Breakout Brand of 2013 is not exactly the smallest feat in the world and I am sure that most will agree on the matter. Many things were done especially well with this company, the massive amount of content being hard to ignore. Considering that the second season of "Orange is the New Black" is slated for this year, I am sure that even further success will come about. I have to believe that Netflix's success will continue on and expand further during 2014.

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