Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dealing With Google's Search Engine Updates And Keep Your Ranking

By Ayub Farooq

For anyone trying to make a living by Internet Marketing, the term search engine optimization is very familiar. This term, also known as SEO, involves the steps necessary to ensure your website is attractive to the search engines.

Backlinking and proper on-site SEO has long been the backbone of effectively ranking websites online. In the past ranking was as simple as including the right metadata, good headings and throwing a million low-quality links at the site. Recent updates have changed all that, with the Google penalizing sites with low quality or suspicious link building patterns as well as watching for keyword stuffing and spammy content.

The latest algo updates have shifted the focus to quality and freshness, forcing webmasters to update their sites frequently and with quality original content in order to keep their rankings. While this might make it more time consuming in some ways, it ensures that users are happy with and satisfied with the information they find on their searches.

One of the best ways to ensure high ranking is to add a blog to your website and update on a regular basis. Posting at least once a weak, and ensuring the content is high quality is very important. This of course goes hand in hand with strong high-quality link building for maximum exposure and ranking.

Google has always favored sites people read and then refer to their friends. This type of natural, organic traffic will result in better rankings on Google as well as the other major search engines. The best rule to follow is to give the search engines what they are looking for instead of trying to trick them into better rankings.

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