Friday, 25 October 2013

Reputation Management Fundamentals

By Van Wildmost

Search engine optimization can do more than just promote your affiliate product, it can repair an online reputation. Reputation management is extremely difficult to do yourself, but not impossible. In order to repair your online image, you have to gain as much online real estate on the major search engines and push the negative reviews like ripoff report or similar sites to the second or third page. Some companies are really good at this, while some have no clue. If that someone is you, you may find this article very useful. I've looked at a couple companies that are doing great things, one in particular, Veritas Inc Atlanta. The Veritas Inc reviews are not great. However, they are in the process of getting some great results. In this article, I will explain what they have been doing.

The main goal of reputation management is to get positive information in front of your target audience. The sad thing is, when people are presented with an option between a piece of news that is positive and one that is negative, they will pick the negative one a majority of the time. Unfortunately the search results are the same. People like to click on negative reports, bad reviews, and other opinions about a company more than they like to click on the positive stuff. Veritas Inc Atlanta has some really bad reviews, but the company's youtube page is doing really well. Check it out: Veritas Inc.

Being overwhelmed with your online reputation is pretty common. Many small business owners have the same trouble. Reputation management is possible, but is extremely time consuming. If you want to badly enough, you can influence the search engine results to shed a positive light on you and your company. The company, Veritas Inc Atlanta has a horrible page of search results. These results include a ripoff report and a listing on entry level job scams blog. Surprisingly enough, this blogspot blog ranks very highly. Apparently, a past employee didn't like that he was fired and wanted everyone else to know about it. Veritas Inc has some pretty important things to note as they are making progress with their online reputation.

The marketing firm is putting a lot of content out there, highly optimized for their company's name. I know this may sound sort of elementary, but you wouldn't believe the companies who don't do it! Since most companies are trying to sell their products or services, they are focused on the keywords that will perform this function. However, most people are going to search for your company name as well. Then, they will search for your company's name and the word 'reviews' placed right after it. If you aren't taking care of your on-page SEO elements, this is a great place to start. Get some quality content out there with your company's name as the keywords targeted.

After you have some quality content out there on various web properties and domains, you can start to build backlinks to them. There are several ways to do this. Some have found that blog commenting has done well, while others prefer to get their links from authoritative sites by contacting the site owner and asking for a link. However you choose to gain your backlinks will be your personal preference, but I would shy away from any grey or black hat methods of search engine optimization in your reputation management efforts.

Besides targeting your company's name and getting backlinks, you should look to get profiles set up on several different web 2.0 sites. Veritas Inc Atlanta has some pretty high ranking profiles set up on Youtube, Squidoo, etc. You can even use those to backlink to your other content. Whatever you do with these profiles is up to you, but make sure you've got some quality content on there that other people want to share. That will make your reputation management efforts easier. If people naturally link to your sites, you won't have to push so hard to get the links!

Reputation management is attainable, but extremely time consuming. If you've really got some bad stuff out there that you want to get pushed down, you may want to hire a professional. However, if you only have one or two things on the search results, you could probably do it yourself. Don't get frustrated. Prepare for the long haul, and you will eventually see your online reputation get better. After all, it takes a long time to gain back trust. The same goes with consumer opinion.

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