Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pikmin 3 & How Internet Marketing May Come In

By Rob Sutter

You don't need to search too deeply to see that the idea of the Wii U is one which has not sold that well. In comparison to Nintendo consoles in recent memory, the sales have not been as great, even though the technology has proven better than it ever has before. That being said, how exactly can Pikmin 3 impact Nintendo in the long run? It's one of those subjects should be talked about and I believe that Internet marketing can lend an even greater assist as well.

Those who only know about Nintendo on the most casual basis will probably hear about Pikmin and scratch their heads in wonder. It's possible that they do not know much about it, if anything at all, but I think that this goes to show just how clear Nintendo's image truly is. Mario and Zelda are arguably the company's two greatest names and Pikmin is one which falls relatively low on the Nintendo tier. This does not mean that it doesn't have a clear audience, though.

I can't help but feel like a smaller yet devoted following has been attached to Pikmin for quite some time. This series has not exactly been known for its realistic aesthetics, as you can imagine, but rather the portrayal of a natural yet creative environment. Of course, you'll always hear gamers that believe Nintendo should branch out and create something that's of a darker tone. Maybe it could be done but that has never exactly been Nintendo's field to cover and it's hard to say whether this will change or not.

Pikmin 3 could make use of the best Internet marketing imaginable, especially when the Wii U itself has not been properly advertised to the masses. It's the kind of game which can appeal towards many a demographic, no matter which age range you are talking about. This is one company that, if challenged, could appeal to a number of games without having to limit itself. Firms such as fishbat understand that knowing the proper audience to appeal to will most likely impact sales in the future.

Pikmin 3 has done surprisingly well on the Wii U in Japan, which gives me hope for the time it is finally released in America. Overseas, though, it has sold well over the past weekend, showcasing its effectiveness in selling marginally better than the first Pikmin game a number of years back. Keep in mind that the sales can be higher, seeing as how only retail purchases were tallied and not downloadable versions. This may prove to be the first-party boost needed in order to help the Wii U into the future.

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