Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Get The Handle On The DIY SEO You Can Do

By Doris Rivas

SEO, as you might remember, is the Search Engine Optimization necessary to get the attention of the search engines. This is required for your websites to be listed on their results pages when a potential customer enters your keywords into their search box. There are many companies who will charge you and take care of all of this for you, however, DIY SEO is something that can be learned and is fun.

Most people you talk to will say that the SEO you perform on your website is important. It will be noted that the actions done off site is equally so. These comprise the two main types of SEO and must be utilized in a balanced way to get the traffic and sales or sign ups you are looking for.

The best place to start is with the domain name. It should be something that is as closely related to the industry or product name as possible. It should have one of the main keywords in it and should also be on a . Com, . Info or . Net TD. It must also be as short as possible and memorable.

Writing the copy for your website is important. There should be plenty of it and it should be grammatically correct as well as spelled properly. Keywords, LSI, or secondary keywords need to be written into all segments of the page. DIY SEO means that you need to do the things that spider bots love to see.

Several of the other items are, in no particular order, the title, the META tags, the header copy and the use of some of the social media gadgets. The title should include the keyword and closely resemble the URL you have established. The META tags should be used to help direct the spider bots to the content in specific ways. Using header one and two sub headings will also be informative to, not only the bots, but for the real people who will be reading your information.

The off site DIY SEO is something that causes a lot of attention to be paid to your website. This means writing articles and getting them published in article directories or posted on other websites that are related. Each article will have a live link back to your website that will be considered when the spiders crawl your page.

Back links are the key to the SEO you can perform off site. Posting in blogs with helpful hints and tips can get you many back links from a lot of domain names. This is the importance of this strategy. Getting posted on a lot of forums, blogs and other content sites will help keep your link in front of interested people. You might also start a new forum or blog if you have a mind to and that can keep many people busy looking at your websites.

You need to be on the first page of the search engine results page when people enter your keywords into their search box. The DIY SEO that will help can be fun and it is fairly easy to learn if you apply yourself. It is not a waste of time and is the only thing standing between you and the sales you are looking for.

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