Monday, 11 November 2013

You Can Increase Revenue When You Give Your Business A Fresh Look With A Spokane Website Developer

By Hans Gerhard

It is the job of the talented Spokane website developer to bring a new look to your site that will attract new visitors. It will encourage them to remain on the site and explore all your business offers. It should showcase your company and also serve as a liaison between potential clients and you.

Design is not the only important feature of a site. The coding must conform to the way the Internet reads it and displays it. Excellent writing creates interest by implementing the right keywords for search engine optimization. Contact information can give the visitor an opportunity to ask a question or request a consultation.

At one time in the history of web development, animation was popular. Music was played as the visitor tried to concentrate on the business at hand. It is now recognized that these distractions drove people away rather than attracting them to a site.

One obnoxious example of distraction was a few construction companies that showed little yellow dump trucks and front end loaders moving across the screen. Rather than making the business seem professional, it gave the impression of a cartoon. The homeowner was considering an expensive home improvement project and was annoyed by tiny men in hard hats roaming across the monitor as they tried to concentrate.

Perhaps the most crucial feature on a site is the navigation bar. It must look good, of course. But, more importantly, it must move fast. Nowadays no one likes to wait ten seconds for a page to load. Slow transitions will drive visitors away. It must also return him to the home page easily.

The first responsibility of the Spokane website developer is to please the client. It is equally important to conform the code to what can be read, interpreted and displayed on the web. The finished product must look good, move fast and attract new business for the owner of the company being represented online.

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