Friday, 8 November 2013

Retron 5 & How Social Media Marketing May Come In

By Robert Sutter

As much as gaming grows and develops over the course of time, I find myself longing to play some of the more classic titles. Yes, they are obsolete by today's standards but there are many titles which hold up surprisingly well over the course of time. In order for bring these titles to life through console play, the RetroN 5 seems to be the next kid on the block for people to make use of. How can social media marketing come into play to make it more effective, though?

The RetroN 5, for those not in the know, is the latest in a series of consoles that are backwards compatible with a number of different games. This version, though, will be able to play eight different types of games, from the NES to the Game Boy Advance. If you have an extensive collection of games in your possession, I believe that you will be able to make great use of this system. If you think that there isn't anything more than just playing games in their raw forms, you'd be wrong.

First of all, the console is able to run while outputting video through HDMI at 720p. In essence, you are able to see your games in much crisper fashion, which can only help the games people have loved a number of years ago. The addition of save states for every game is worth making note of as well. Considering that save batteries within cartridges die out over the course of time, the fact that the system is able to create them is something that is very much worth noting.

These are great features to consider but what are some of the most important ones to illustrate through social media marketing efforts? One of the aspects that I had come across had to do with the controller and its Bluetooth technology. Much like the consoles we see today, gamers do not have to deal with wires that could become tangled. In addition, the console will be able to run games from any region of the world, making it a great investment for collectors. These aspects are important and deserve attention of firms like fishbat.

When it comes to the idea of a dream console, I'd like to think that the RetroN 5 can probably lay stake to that claim. After all, for $100, you are able to play a number of different games, making it one of the more attractive items out there. With a number of other features added, I do not think that anyone can disagree with the level of potential that this item has. Make sure that you have all of the carts necessary so that you may be able to make the most of the RetroN 5.

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