Thursday, 26 June 2014

Chantilly Web Design Company Provides Quality Website Design Solutions For Your Business To Attract New Customers

By Mark Marabut

There are a number of skill sets required for designing a website. There is color, design and coding. A site is transmitted to the internet via html or one of the other codes. Chantilly web design involves not only coding, but making the code conform to what are called W3C requirements.

This ensures that the site looks the same on all browsers. There are increasingly easier ways to create a site with what is called a WYSIWIG, meaning what you see is what you get. Although this is easy for a simple website, a large business and even a small business will require more complicated attention.

A team of professionals will contribute their skills independently. After working on the components each is trained in, they all meet and put together the finished product. The person writing the code puts it on the internet by communicating with computers in the language they can read.

A graphic designer uses color and form to make it attractive. A writer will make sure the text is perfect and that it incorporates the SEO that appeals to the search engines. He or she will do so by selecting which keywords and keyword phrases will help the site to be found by people entering that keyword.

This is how the website is displayed to as many people as possible. Someone googles a keyword and your website is shown on the page. Many visitors will visit the site and possibly become customers.

This is why someone who has studied SEO in college is usually part of the design team. Google has stringent requirements. In addition, these requirements can change from one day to the next. It is the goal of SEO to put the business on the first page of search results.

First, a website must look good to appeal to the public. Second, the code must make sure the page translates the same no matter which browser is used. Finally, the pages on the website must load and transition fast and easy. The public is always impatient.

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