Sunday, 9 March 2014

Teen Facebook Usage By A Long Island Social Media Agency

By Robert Sutter

When it comes to the usability of various sites, it seems as though certain aspects are going to come into play. A Long Island social media agency understands the levels of appeal that comes with various websites and I'd like to think that they can come into play for the sake of helping clients. With Facebook being viewed as the biggest platform, why is it that teenagers, on the whole, have been using the site less and less? There are a couple of reasons worth considering.

Business Insider posted an article in regards to the matter and teenagers have spoken about why Facebook has not been used nearly as much. One of the reasons has to do with the idea of privacy, which a Long Island social media agency can vouch for. More specifically, users did not want to be posting on the same site as their mothers had accounts for. Teenagers want space away from their families, which is understandable, and having parental figures survey each and every word destroys the idea of privacy in question quicker than anything else.

While Facebook holds a high position in the world of social media, it goes without saying that one's attention may deviate. This is especially true, at least to quite a few teens, as it is believed that signing up for and getting started on Facebook can take a tremendous amount of time. If you look to Instagram by comparison, though, it is easier to start utilizing the site and sifting through the more visual types of content. There is attention brought to this site for the right reasons.

Instagram can be seen as the best type of website to waste time on, especially since visuals are going to be seen at high levels. While Facebook is a capable platform in its own right, teens view it as, more or less, an area of communication. However, you can make the argument that a Long Island social media agency is seeing this less and less by younger groups. Agencies the likes of fishbat can tell you that various other choices exist and are waiting to be used.

With Facebook not being utilized early as much these days by younger groups, it is clear that there are reasons for this. Privacy isn't exactly had on this particular website as much, especially with parents signing up for their own accounts. There is also a sense of complication that can come from all of the text on Facebook and it may take too long to sift through all of the content. A change in terms of usability has been seen on Facebook, which goes without saying.

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